Stacy Sugar, LCPC

Stacy Sugar, LCPC

  • Position: Executive Director
  • Experience: 20+ Years
  • Location: 25801 Obrero Dr, Mission Viejo, CA 92691
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 833.580.1438

Personal Experience & Biography

Be present! Breathe in every remarkable moment. Let go of the preconceptions, judgments, stigma- all the conscious pressures and pain that can seep into our souls, that can knock us off a path.

Free your mind to the expansive world around you. Just close your eyes, be still. In these seconds you can feel the world- it’s energy, it’s vibrations, and you’re place within it. You can achieve a sense of purpose. You will notice your incredible strength. A moment of balance and perspective in the chaos. You may think it doesn’t exist, but the answers are within you. Just breathe.

Dig deep, excavate your passion, be unafraid to tell your story- no matter who wants to keep your truth buried. You are given a voice for one reason- use it! Otherwise, you can get stuck in your silence, and far removed from the vital conversations that can alter our course and dreams.

Licensed therapist, 15 yrs experience addiction/mental health.
Candor, optimism, keen analytical & clinical/operational savvy; ability to share and own a company vision; brainstorming unique, revenue-generating operations to support company & client vision & success; dynamic & analytical thinker; solution-focused w/ solid, strategic vision; create & achieve measurable & smart goals.

Leadership Style:
Positive attitude, passion, & drive are fundamental keys for success- motivates and inspires people to recognize immense possibility and achieve goals.

Help people realize their potential.
Create tools to reconcile deficiencies to pave way to success.
Learn other people’s learning styles.
Remove barriers, validate strengths, nurture growth & confidence.

Remind people of their worth.
Remove punitive action, which can break the human spirit, yielding detrimental emotional consequences.
Be real about expectations & deficiencies, while removing fear & anxiety from the conversation.
Support people to find their niche, empathetically addressing what’s working & not working, & bringing ideas & solutions to help people make progress.