Arlene Hylton

Arlene Hylton

  • Position: Spiritual Director
  • Experience: 12+ Years
  • Location: 25801 Obrero Dr, Mission Viejo, CA 92691
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 833.580.1438

Personal Experience & Biography

Rev. Arlene C. Hylton has been the Spiritual Director for Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women since 2010. Rev Arlene is an Ordained trans-denominational Minister who supports individuals in realizing their highest potential. Her one on one counsel, guided meditation, spiritual process groups, and spiritual gatherings supports each client in realizing their highest potential and their healing capacity. As individuals become more conscious of a higher power that is active and fully available to them, they then have the
potential to transform their life. Her support of each client informs them of their necessity in the world. Her message “You are whole, you are needed, you are worthy” gives a deeper awareness of the importance of each person.

Our clients are also given spiritual principles to support them in living a life of recovery and fulfillment. Rev. Arlene sees the potential in each client and identifies the spiritual power within themselves. She reminds each individual that the pain of the past is not their identity and encourages each one to start creating a future with their higher power as their support. Rev. Arlene believes, “Our higher power/God is greater than any past misstakes and healing is available to everyone”.

Rev. Arlene has been awarded and honored by several associations nationwide. In 2018 Rev. Arlene was awarded, Honored by Grayson’s Awareness Outreach for her Contribution to Society through her work at Agape International Spiritual Center and Safe Harbor Treatment Center. The Awards were given by Congress, The Senate, The County of Los Angeles and The State Controller.

In March of 2019, Rev. Arlene was awarded for her generosity of Heart and Soul and brightness of Mind and Brilliance of Spirit. The award from Common Peace was given to her for being a place of Peace and for standing for the principles of Nonviolence in our community. Specifically, this award
was given during this time as it is known as the Season for Nonviolence, marked by the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi and ending on the April 4 anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Rev. Arlene can also be noted for graduating as an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner in June 2005 as well as graduated as an Agape Minister June 2010. She has been the Director of several ministries, some of which include, The Teen Agape since 2002, Agape’s Young Adult Ministry since 2009, and in June 2018 Reverend Arlene Cecelia Hylton became officially Ordained.