Safe Harbor

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Kathe Caldwell
CADC-II, CGiT, CCH – Hypnotherapist

Kathe is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor-II in private practice in Newport Beach. She has worked in multidisciplinary recovery settings in Orange County for over 15 years, applying her complementary skills in hypnosis, guided imagery and addiction counseling. Kathe also teaches healthcare professionals therapeutic hypnosis and guided imagery to better serve their clients and patients.

At Safe Harbor Treatment Center, she guides women to their subconscious minds, where all memories, beliefs, and behaviors reside. The subconscious mind offers significant insight, motivation, and redirection, greatly benefiting women in recovery. Kathe is dedicated to sharing the life-empowering benefits of hypnosis. She enjoys seeing women at Safe Harbor discover, reconnect with, and utilize their inner resources on their journey to happier, healthier lives.