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Rehab Orange County CA

Rehab Orange County CA

Safe Harbor is the best rehab in Orange County, CA for a number of unique reasons. Those suffering from the harmful effects of addiction can easily become overwhelmed and lost when trying to find help. Finding an Orange County drug rehab facility that meets your specific needs and budget can be the second biggest hurdle to overcome when battling addiction. The first biggest hurdle people face during this process is admitting they have a problem that they need help with.

Admittance is the most difficult step for folks to take because it isn’t easy to ask for assistance. In today’s self-sufficient era, people are pushed into believing that only the weak ask for help when they are down. However, the outdated ideas of how a person should behave do not dictate the stellar services we provide at Safe Harbor. Our drug rehab center in Orange County makes it easy to get the help you need for yourself or for someone you love.

Leading Addiction Facility Since 1993

Since 1993, our services at Safe Harbor have been available to people from all walks of life. The special women’s program has helped countless women change their addictive and destructive habits, routines, and behaviors. Our women’s program not only helps women who are actively battling addiction, but it also provides treatment for women also facing domestic abuse or mental illness.

Co-occurring disorders also are treated at our one of a kind holistic drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County using varying strategies. In addition to women’s substance abuse treatment programs, we offer group explanations. By addressing underlying mental disorders and trauma, our facility is able to focus on the root of issues. Not only can we provide treatment programs for those battling addiction, but we can also provide treatment for toxic co-dependency, relationship trauma, and postpartum related problems.

Personalized and Effective Substance Abuse Treatment in Orange County

Each client that turns to us at Safe Harbor will receive a customized treatment plan that is personalized to meet their goals. Group and individual therapy options are combined with psychiatric care and life skill courses to develop effective strategies for every client. Certain patients may benefit from the cognitive behavior therapy treatments we offer, while others will see results using our eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapies. A twelve step fellowship program and dialectical behavior therapy are additional treatments you will find at Safe Harbor. For superior substance abuse and detox treatment in Orange County, turn to our capable and trustworthy staff.

Speak with an Addiction Treatment Specialist

There is no better time than the present to take control of your life and free yourself from the chains of addiction. Contact our staff at Safe Harbor by calling 1-844-214-8384 to ask questions and learn more details about our treatment options. Interested parties can also click here to make contact with our customer support team or to verify their insurance information. Rise up out of the ashes of addiction and find your way back to the right path by utilizing our effective services.

Rehab Orange County CA
Safe Harbor House
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Rehab Orange County CA Rehab Orange County CA Rehab Orange County CA Rehab Orange County CA

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