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alcohol treatment centers in Iowa

alcohol treatment centers in Iowa

St. Gregory Recovery Center is among the top-rated alcohol treatment centers in Iowa with the best family programs. As one of the preeminent treatment facilities in Iowa, we not only address the addiction and co-occurring mental health issues, but we equip our clients with essential tools to help them lead a fulfilling life.

Benefits of Our Alcohol Detox in Iowa

Alcohol detox is the first stage in alcohol addiction treatment and plays an integral role in helping you overcome addiction. Here are some of the benefits of our alcohol detox program:

  1. We devise a customized detox plan for each patient in therapy after a thorough assessment of their alcohol use history, health condition, the presence of co-occurring mental health issues, and other factors. This way, we help individuals struggling with addiction attain a safe and pain-free recovery in a relatively short period.
  2. We offer continuous medical care to our detox patients in a fully-equipped treatment center. After detox, our team of physicians and RNs monitor and closely supervise our patients for adverse withdrawal symptoms and suicidal behaviors.
  3. Detox at our Iowa inpatient alcohol rehab also prepares your mind, body, and spirit for other treatments and therapies.

Detox is crucial to flush out the alcohol toxins from your body and help you get started on recovery. For the fastest results, we recommend joining the program as soon as possible.

Why Is Alcohol Treatment Crucial for Recovery?

Alcohol treatment is critical for comprehensive recovery, especially for those struggling with moderate-to-severe addiction. Trying to overcome addiction on your own hardly ever works as most individuals end up relapsing sooner or later. At our best alcohol use disorder treatment center, you will undergo a highly effective detox procedure, which can prepare you for sustainable sobriety.

Also, without addressing the underlying causes of addiction, full, lasting recovery will always remain an uncertain goal. At our rehab center, we create a customized treatment program and engage you in a series of behavioral therapies and psychotherapy sessions to treat the underlying cause of your addiction.

What Makes Us the #1 Iowa Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center?

We are a leading Iowa treatment facility for alcohol addiction with advanced treatments and high-end amenities. Here are several of the programs that we offer to help our patients attain a safe and speedy recovery from addiction:

Recovery Program – We help individuals overcome addiction with a faith-based treatment approach. We also use advanced therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior modification training, and a variety of other health and wellness programs to help patients attain sustainable recovery.

Family Program - Our family program involves sessions with the family members and the recovering addicts, focused on resolving family conflicts to create a supportive and stress-free home environment.

Call St. Gregory Recovery Center at 888-778-5833 to verify your insurance and discuss your options with our experts. If you're looking for the top alcohol treatment centers in Iowa, our team is ready to take your case.

alcohol treatment centers in Iowa
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alcohol treatment centers in Iowa alcohol treatment centers in Iowa alcohol treatment centers in Iowa alcohol treatment centers in Iowa

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