Long Term Alcohol Rehab

Long Term Alcohol Rehab centers are plentiful throughout the US and worldwide.  But not all centers are created equal.  Those that produce the best results offer treatment programs that allow an alcoholic woman to address more than just the surface symptoms of her addiction. Quality rehab programs also work to understand and deal with the underlying causes of a woman’s addiction.  These rehab facilities offer a safe haven for any woman who has come to the end of her rope with alcohol addiction.  Some of the many services that quality long term alcohol rehab programs offer to the recovering alcoholic woman include: basic medical care, comprehensive counseling, psychological support, and various types of educational training. Additionally, it is common that many of the staff members of long term alcohol rehabs are actually recovering addicts themselves.  These women serve as role models, examples, and inspiration for women entering the program. Most long term treatment programs are inpatient treatment facilities, meaning that they provide 24 hour a day shelter, food, and security for the duration of the individual’s stay while going through treatment.

Alcoholism is defined as consuming alcoholic beverages to a level, and at a frequency, that interferes with physical health, mental health, and social, family, and employment responsibilities.  Obviously, men and women both suffer from addiction, and many treatment centers offer a non-gender specific approach to the treatment of addiction. However, it is important to recognize that, while the symptoms of addiction may be the same in men and women, the way an addiction manifests is quite often very different.  For instance, women who abuse alcohol tend to exhibit much higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies than men.  Also, studies have shown that female addicts are more likely to have been exposed to physical, emotional, or sexual trauma or abuse as a child.  Some form of domestic violence is more likely to be present in the lives of female alcoholics as well.  Many times, during the course of treatment, a woman will reveal that she comes from a family where one or both parents abused alcohol.  Additionally, it is common for a woman who grew up within an abusive environment to gravitate toward that type of lifestyle as an adult.

When searching for a program that effectively addresses women and alcohol, it is essential to find a treatment center that understands the advantages and the importance of providing a program that is fully staffed by women.  The reason seeking such a facility is so important is that it has been shown that an all-woman staff at a treatment center increases the chance of success among women seeking to find freedom from additions.  In other words, women are simply more readily able to recover in an all female treatment center.  The reason for this is that in a gender-specific treatment facility, women feel more comfortable opening up about their past life experiences, their current and past relationships, and their feelings, as they are provided with a safe, nurturing environment without the worry of what men are thinking.

Feeling safe and supported during drug addiction treatment is absolutely essential for recovery.  As mentioned previously, women who become addicted to drugs or alcohol often come from childhood backgrounds or current home lives where they have experienced acute conflict and abuse.  Coming from such an environment, these women tend to find it difficult to trust others enough to open up and expose their vulnerabilities.  This can especially be the case when it comes to feeling comfortable around men.  If, for example, a woman has been abused by a father figure or male significant other, she will commonly find herself distrusting of all men.  When in a counseling environment, if men are involved in the process, this distrust will naturally lead to her holding back and not sharing fully, which is necessary for effective recovery.  Eliminating as many common stressors as possible is a critical part of the recovery process.  Therefore, offering female patients an environment where their concerns about interacting with men are eliminated is most conducive to attaining sobriety.

While on a search for a long-term alcohol rehab facility, it is vital to select the right geographical area for treatment.  We often find that when enrolled in a rehab program in the same area in which they live, many alcoholics will find it very easy to relapse.  This makes sense when we consider that, with both alcohol and drug abuse, the reasons for addiction are often caused by the living and working environments in which the patient lives.  Also, whatever substance is being abused, whether it is alcohol or another drug, is very often readily available in an addict’s home environment.  Therefore it is more conducive to the recovery process to find a treatment program out of the addict’s home area. This is why many women addicted to drugs and/or alcohol find drug rehab in California to be a great option for finding sobriety and starting their lives over.  With its golden sunshine and close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, California is a very peaceful and serene location to start a new, sober lifestyle.  Attending a program in a facility outside and addict’s home state also allows for stronger bonds to be formed between the patient and staff members, as these facilities are where the addict lives, eats and sleeps for the duration of her stay.  This helps aid in the recovery process, as the more a patient is able to open up during treatment, the more effective the treatment tends to be.

Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is located in Costa Mesa, California and is a gender-specific treatment center, specializing in long term alcohol rehab. Safe Harbor addresses the specific needs of women and alcohol and is a women-only staffed facility that offers many services to aid in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Do you or someone you know need help with addiction?  

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