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How to Find Help From Domestic Violence

How To Find Help From Domestic Violence Content Provided By COVID-19 cases are surging across states, and domestic violence is on the rise as families are forced together into close quarters without the temporary reprieve of work, school or errands. Unfortunately, for more than 12 million victims of domestic violence, spending additional time at home is …

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What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Introduction Do you know the origins of the term narcissistic personality disorder? The character Narcissus from Greek mythology is the basis for the term narcissism. Previously known as Narcissists, people with Narcissistic personality disorder have preoccupations with themselves and their outward appearances. They also are fixated on how others perceive …

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Why Gender-Specific Treatment Programs are Effective

Why Gender-Specific Treatment Programs are Effective Substance abuse disorders affect every individual differently. For this reason, treatment programs are most effective when they offer care tailored to individual needs. Patients seeking this type of personal, individualized treatment may consider treatment with gender-specific programs. Addiction can cause a variety of negative effects on an individual’s life, …

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Drug Rehab Programs

Drug rehab programs assist drug abusers in recovering emotionally, psychologically, and physically from long-term substance abuse. These rehab programs provide addicts with the tools and support they need to begin living a sober and healthy lifestyle. Many drug rehab facilities offer a multi-step approach to treatment, as the highly trained caregivers know that each person […]

Long Term Alcohol Rehab

Long Term Alcohol Rehab centers are plentiful throughout the US and worldwide. But not all centers are created equal. Those that produce the best results offer treatment programs that allow an alcoholic woman to address more than just the surface symptoms of her addiction. Quality rehab programs also work to understand and deal with the […]

PTSD Treatment Programs – Women Choosing Wellness

PTSD Treatment Programs for Women can vary widely in their clinical approaches as well as in the long term results they produce. First and foremost, any PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) treatment program specifically designed for women must recognize that PTSD Symptoms for Women are not always the same as those experienced by men. Women […]

Alcohol Detox for Women

Alcohol Detox for Women who have developed an alcohol addiction is offered by various Alcoholism Treatment Centers in California as well as throughout the United States and worldwide. These centers provide a critical fist step in the process of women with an alcohol addiction turning their lives around and beginning a sober lifestyle. While alcohol […]

Drug Addiction and Intervention for Women

Drug Addiction and Intervention for Women is a topic that deserves a lot of attention. When women decide to seek help for their drug addictions on their own, they have clearly taken a very large, brave, and crucial first step in the recovery process. Admitting that they have a problem and need help to overcome […]

Drug Abuse in California

Drug Abuse in California is a significant problem, as is the case throughout the US. When thinking about Drug Addiction in California and elsewhere, many form a picture in their minds of a street “junkie” or strung out heroin addict. The truth is, addiction takes many forms and can strike any segment of the population […]