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Dual Diagnosis

What’s It Like to Be A Heroin Addict?

What’s It Like to Be A Heroin Addict? The world of drugs cunningly lures you in and introduces you to pleasurable highs unparalleled elsewhere in life. Before long, everything else pales in comparison to the high that heroin has to offer. After the first dose, you will want another, and another. In a week you …

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What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Introduction Do you know the origins of the term narcissistic personality disorder? The character Narcissus from Greek mythology is the basis for the term narcissism. Previously known as Narcissists, people with Narcissistic personality disorder have preoccupations with themselves and their outward appearances. They also are fixated on how others perceive …

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Dual diagnosis treatment centers are designed for men and women who are concurrently suffering from a mental illness and a substance abuse problem. But to determine whether you or someone you know could benefit from dual diagnosis treatment centers, you should first have a firm grasp on what the term dual diagnosis means. Dual diagnosis […]

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facilities

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facilities are able to help women who suffer from dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis is defined as someone who has a mental disorder and alcohol or drug addiction concurrently. A dual diagnosis is very common. Persons suffering from drug and alcohol problems may also show signs of depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, personality […]