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Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Is relapse a part of recovery?

Many times when an addict or alcoholic comes crawling back to the rooms of AA and NA after deciding to try drinking or using one more time, she is welcomed back and told, “It’s okay – relapse is a part of recovery.” For some people, this may be true. For others, relapse is a part […]

What is dual-diagnosis?

Dual-diagnosis is a term used to denote individuals who suffer from drug addiction or alcoholism as well as another mental disorder (often bipolar disorder, PTSD, or eating disorders). Considering the fact that addicts tend to be people who use and drink to self-medicate for pre-existing problems, it’s not surprising to learn that dual-diagnosis is incredibly […]

Celebrity drug-related deaths

Though the recent death of Corey Haim may not have been a drug overdose (the toxicology report has yet to be released), there has been a lot of speculation that drugs were involved. This could simply be because of the actor’s well-known struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, but it has been confirmed that illegal […]

Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

DRUG ABUSE TREATMENT PROGRAMS: HELP IS AVAILABLE For individuals who have a history of using drugs in excess, drug abuse treatment programs provide the opportunity and the necessary tools to start life anew. WHAT IS DRUG ABUSE? Drug abuse can be defined as excessive or gratuitous use of drugs. Though using drugs is never a […]

Drug Addiction Treatment

DRUG ADDICTION TREATMENT Drug addiction treatment functions as a safe haven for the addict, isolating him or her from environmental stresses that create the desire to use. By distancing the addict from work-related pressure, uncomfortable social situations, family conflict, and other potential triggers, the likelihood of relapse in the first stage of recovery is significantly lessened. […]