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We are still open and accepting new clients. We lab test for COVID-19 during admission. We are happy to answer any questions you have: 1 (844) 214-8384

Tips to Keep You Sane While in Recovery Concrete actions for a better recovery are a welcome change from the spiritual axioms we often hear without quite knowing what toContinue Reading >>

Talk therapy can be extremely productive, and is an essential part of recovery. However, it can be difficult to access certain topics in a conversational therapy session, because some ofContinue Reading >>

Dual-diagnosis is a term used to denote individuals who suffer from drug addiction or alcoholism as well as another mental disorder (often bipolar disorder, PTSD, or eating disorders). Considering theContinue Reading >>

DRUG ABUSE TREATMENT PROGRAMS: HELP IS AVAILABLE For individuals who have a history of using drugs in excess, drug abuse treatment programs provide the opportunity and the necessary tools toContinue Reading >>

DRUG ADDICTION TREATMENT Drug addiction treatment functions as a safe haven for the addict, isolating him or her from environmental stresses that create the desire to use. By distancing the addictContinue Reading >>