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Drugged Driving

Drugged Driving Drugged driving is an increasingly common public health problem in the US. In 2016, accidents resulting from driving after using drugs overtook drunk driving as the leading cause of fatal crashes. Experts link increasing collisions by drivers on drugs to marijuana legalization, soaring prescription opioid use, and the…
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Finding a Home After Homelessness

Understanding Housing Emergencies and Available Housing Resources Many people experience a housing emergency at some point in their lives. Learn about the causes, costs, and misconceptions about homelessness as well as where to find housing assistance. More than half a million Americans are experiencing homelessness on any given night. According…
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Drunkorexia Drunkorexia is a slang term for a person that avoids eating food or reduces the amount of food they eat so they can drink or drink more.1 Doctors consider this a risky behavior because it can lead to other harmful disorders, including binge drinking and anorexia, or restrictive eating.…