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Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

An individual battling a substance abuse issue or addiction along with a mental disorder is suffering from a co-occurring disorder. A co-occurring disorder, previously referred to as dual diagnoses, canContinue Reading >>

Trauma Treatment and Recovery

Individuals who have experienced trauma and struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder encounter challenges every day. Fortunately, there are treatment programs specifically designed to help these people regain control of theirContinue Reading >>

Trauma and Addiction

Psychological trauma occurs when a person experiences a particular stressful event or situation in their lifetime. Sometimes, these individuals find themselves unable to cope with the feelings associated with trauma.Continue Reading >>

Mental Health and Addiction

Mental health and substance addiction often go hand in hand. According to the Journal of American Medical Association, 50% of individuals with a severe mental health condition also have aContinue Reading >>

Understanding Opioids

According to recently released numbers by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, 64,000 Americans died in 2016 due to drug overdoses, with the sharpest increase occurring among deaths relatedContinue Reading >>

Alcohol Detox Phase

After prolonged use of alcohol, your body becomes accustomed and relies on it to function “normally”. Alcohol is a depressant and the brain will eventually stop naturally producing the chemicalsContinue Reading >>

The Risk of Alcohol Abuse

According to a 2017 study by JAMA Psychiatry, one out of every eight Americans struggles with alcohol abuse. These statistics are staggering, given the public health opioid crisis also takingContinue Reading >>

Alcohol Awareness Month 2018

Since 1987, April has been deemed Alcohol Awareness Month, sponsored and funded by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. The month is dedicated to raising public awarenessContinue Reading >>

Attitude of Gratitude

Recovery is difficult, especially early recovery. It can be difficult to see past the guilt, shame, and depression that we can become engulfed in. It can be easy to resignContinue Reading >>

Power of Love

A few weeks ago we celebrated with our daughter her one year of her sobriety. It was an occasion of joy, hope, and gratitude.As I reflect on this past yearContinue Reading >>

Women Recovery Center

Addicted Women: Recovery Center Treatment Programs Addiction is a grave disease that has a devastating affect on all who suffer from it.  For both men and women, recovery center programsContinue Reading >>

Overcome PTSD in a Women’s Trauma Recovery Program For women suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, finding help in a women’s trauma recovery program is nothing less than an opportunity toContinue Reading >>