Safe Harbor

We are still open and accepting new clients. We lab test for COVID-19 during admission. We are happy to answer any questions you have: 1 (844) 214-8384

Alumni Stories & Testimonials

Road to Acceptance

I used to feel lonely and scared all the time. I used to be angry when I woke up every day. A year ago, I was living in Boulder, Colorado and in an abusive, unhealthy relationship with a man that I resented, but I was terrified of leaving. I woke up every morning not wanting to live another day but I was too scared to change anything. However, by the grace of God, my family, aided by the help of a placement therapist, helped me find Safe Harbor. I entered the program after participating in a seventy-day wilderness drug treatment program and was able to regain control of my life that was quickly slipping away from me.

Arriving at Safe Harbor’s Knox house I immediately felt a sense of ease and community, which I now know I have been searching for relentlessly my whole life through unhealthy relationships, drugs and alcohol. I was very fearful about living in a house full of women, but I very quickly started forming connections. Now, nine months later, I have a life I never would have imagined. I am currently a Support Staff member at Knox program and enjoy giving back what was so freely and generously given to me. I am so passionate about the program that I believe truly saved my life by showing me how to practice self-love on the journey to my recovery. I have made life-long friends here that are honest to me, support me, and help me walk through my fears and difficult times. I no longer fear waking up every day. I am excited for what my future holds for me and I am proud of the woman I am today.

– Allie

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