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Month: December 2020

What Challenges Does COVID Pose to Recovery?

What Challenges Does COVID Pose to Recovery? Nobody could have foreseen the challenges that 2020 would pose to people across the globe. From fear for the immediate health of ourselves and others, learning to live without access to typical services or activities, being isolated from friends and family during the lockdown, to losing jobs and …

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How to Find Help From Domestic Violence

How To Find Help From Domestic Violence Content Provided By COVID-19 cases are surging across states, and domestic violence is on the rise as families are forced together into close quarters without the temporary reprieve of work, school or errands. Unfortunately, for more than 12 million victims of domestic violence, spending additional time at home is …

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Healing Through Mantras - image3

Healing Through Mantras

Healing Through Mantras The origins of mantras date back 3,500 years when they were first written in Vedic Sanskrit in India. Yogis have long found mantras useful as therapeutic meditation tools through their practice of chanting or reciting certain sounds, syllables, and phrases. To yogic practitioners, the sounds uttered hold immense spiritual meaning and purpose.  …

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What Is Somatic Experiencing?

What Is Somatic Experiencing? In the wake of trauma, an individual may hold considerable tension throughout their body. While we often think of post-traumatic stress disorder as a purely mental affliction, Somatic Experiencing aims to bring awareness to, and subsequently relieve, tension held in the body following trauma. Origins And Development Peter A. Levine, Ph.D., …

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