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Month: May 2018

Why Gender-Specific Treatment Programs are Effective

Why Gender-Specific Treatment Programs are Effective Substance abuse disorders affect every individual differently. For this reason, treatment programs are most effective when they offer care tailored to individual needs. Patients seeking this type of personal, individualized treatment may consider treatment with gender-specific programs. Addiction can cause a variety of negative effects on an individual’s life, …

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Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Centers

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Centers Co-occurring Symptoms Are Finally Recognized People who suffer from an addiction like alcoholism or substance abuse are often also experiencing another malady like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, high anxiety, or obsessive/compulsive disorder. They are stricken with what the mental health industry calls ‘co-occurring disorder’, formerly known as ‘dual diagnosis.’ If your …

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Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

Treating Co-Occurring Disorders An individual battling a substance abuse issue or addiction along with a mental disorder is suffering from a co-occurring disorder. A co-occurring disorder, previously referred to as dual diagnoses, can be any combination of mental illness and substance abuse or addiction. This includes anything from alcoholism and anxiety, cocaine addiction and eating …

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Trauma Treatment and Recovery

Trauma Treatment and Recovery Individuals who have experienced trauma and struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder encounter challenges every day. Fortunately, there are treatment programs specifically designed to help these people regain control of their symptoms and lead normal, healthy lives. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious condition that is debilitating to the lives of trauma …

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Trauma and Addiction

Trauma and Addiction Psychological trauma occurs when a person experiences a particular stressful event or situation in their lifetime. Sometimes, these individuals find themselves unable to cope with the feelings associated with trauma. This is why there is such a connection between trauma and substance addiction, as people turn to substances to numb these feelings. …

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