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Month: April 2018

Understanding Opioids

Understanding Opioids According to recently released numbers by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, 64,000 Americans died in 2016 due to drug overdoses, with the sharpest increase occurring among deaths related to opioids. The opioid epidemic is now declared a public health emergency in the United States, with the amount of opioid related overdoses …

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Alcohol Detox Phase

Alcohol Detox Phase After prolonged use of alcohol, your body becomes accustomed and relies on it to function “normally”. Alcohol is a depressant and the brain will eventually stop naturally producing the chemicals that alcohol contains. Withdrawal symptoms during the alcohol detox phase are your body’s attempting at regulating and adjusting after you quit drinking. …

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The Risk of Alcohol Abuse

The Risk of Alcohol Abuse According to a 2017 study by JAMA Psychiatry, one out of every eight Americans struggles with alcohol abuse. These statistics are staggering, given the public health opioid crisis also taking place in the country. Not everyone that ingests alcohol will abuse it, but it is important to know the facts …

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Alcohol Awareness Month 2018

Alcohol Awareness Month 2018 Since 1987, April has been deemed Alcohol Awareness Month, sponsored and funded by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. The month is dedicated to raising public awareness for alcohol abuse as well as encouraging communities to take action regarding prevention and alcohol-related issues. Every year, the NCADD and …

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