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Safe harbor

Trauma-Informed Addiction &
Mental Health Treatment

Leading the Treatment Industry Since 1993

Costa Mesa Addiction Treatment Center

For more than 27 years, Safe Harbor Treatment Center has been dedicated to helping people recover from substance use disorders and the underlying issues that can lead to addiction.

Our goal is to restore spiritual wellbeing, self-worth, and the ability to thrive in a life of fulfillment through unconditional love, acceptance, and evidence-based treatment.

We believe that life skills are necessary for living in recovery, so we help every individual thrive during and after their stay at Safe Harbor. It is our belief that addiction is merely a symptom of an underlying problem… a “Soul Sickness.”

A major component of our treatment program is a focus on discovering or rebuilding your sense of spirituality. Our nondenominational guidance encourages you to connect with your higher power for peace and strength. In addition to our comprehensive selection of traditional and alternative therapeutic modalities, we make sure each client thrives in the following practical life areas to ensure lifelong recovery.

What We Treat

At Safe Harbor Treatment Centers, we know that addiction is a complex disease. Our professional care team treats a wide range of addictions as well as the co-occurring effects and disorders that come along with it. Safe Harbor Treatment Center stresses the importance of a long-term recovery, both physical and mental. We understand that addressing these issues is a significant part of obtaining long-term sobriety. Our treatment programs are compassionately designed to cater to people suffering from these disorders, providing them the support and tools they need to lead a cleansed and fulfilled life.

Our approach utilizes a variety of holistic and traditional methods to target any area of your life that does not coincide with the path to wellness. Behavioral and mental health has the potential to cause turmoil in nearly every aspect of life, for not only the person with the behavioral health issues but their close family and friends as well. Many times, certain disorders are the cause for addiction or addiction triggers these issues. We aim to get to the underlying root of the problem and provide the skills and tools needed to regain control of your life.

Our Philosophy at Safe Harbor

Mission Statement

We provide a therapeutic program offering services to restore Spiritual well-being and enhance physical and mental health. We empower individuals in realizing their value, worthiness and capacity to live a life of fulfillment. Through love and encouragement, we uplift and invite growth and expansion. Our Community provides a platform for the understanding that each individual is an essential and necessary expression of life.

Our Pledge

We, the Individuals of Safe Harbor, pledge to unconditionally love and support each other from the moment we pass through the doors of Safe Harbor, and forever as alumni. We will build each other up as friends and as warriors battling addiction.

We pledge to always provide a space of trust and acceptance, where we are all are free from shame, judgment and societal pressures. Our community will hold strong to the values of empathy, connection and unconditional love.

Purpose Statement

Our primary purpose is to offer an environment of love and healing that supports individuals in transformation and a life of wholeness.


Our Treatment Facilities: Stay In The Love

Our comforting home-like facilities provide sub-acute residential detox at our campus in Costa Mesa, California. Our historic main house was built in 1906 and is comfortably surrounded by 3 cozy bungalows for peace and privacy. We create an environment of safety, support, and love with comforting spaces for meaningful transformation.

Our Latest Blogs

Women's Addiction Treatment Program

Addiction impacts women differently than men. It only makes sense that we use a treatment approach that’s tailored to women. At Safe Harbor, our treatment protocols for men and women are separate, allowing us to properly help women through their unique issues as they heal from addiction. Our treatment philosophy is based on providing a safe space for women to honestly confront their addiction and helping them discover their path to sobriety. This is done through a unique set of therapies that are personalized to each client. Every woman who walks through our doors feels secure, loved, and accepted. This is the promise at Safe Harbor. 

Men's Addiction Treatment Program

It’s no secret that men and women are different, and that’s especially clear in the male’s experience with addiction. It’s only logical that our men’s rehab program is distinct, addressing the unique struggles that men face when dealing with addiction. Our men’s program is individualized to each patient’s needs, and it’s designed to help men conquer addiction, rebuild themselves, and create a path to long-lasting recovery. Our men’s program includes dynamic treatment modalities that heal the root cause of your addiction, including psychotherapy with licensed psychiatrists, physical activities coached by physical trainers, and internal healing led by our spiritual director. 

Alumni Testimonials

Sal K.
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I was never a patient here, however I was able to meet the staff at a recent open house event on Bernard street. The home was incredible, I believe it's a historical home. The place just has so much Beauty and history. The staff members I met were very friendly and knowledge as well. I hope I will never have to attend a treatment center, but if me or my wife or family did, this is the place I would go too.
Brooke S.
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Safe Harbor Capella saved my life. The staff is amazing, helpful, and caring. They make you feel at home. I highly recommend Safe Harbor's sober living. I left learning the tools I needed, and have been free from my addiction since leaving SH for 2 years. I was able to meet with rev. Arlene who thought me how to focus on the positive outlooks on my life. They thought me that drugs are not escape. Capella and all of the Safe Harbor homes are almost like a mini vacation. There are always activities, amazing residence who support one another. Not to mention chef Dave. Safe Harbor/Costa Mesa will always be my safe place. Forever thanking SH house.
Kellie O.
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I came to Safe Harbour on a recommendation from HazeldenTreatment Center in Center City, Mn. It was a safe environment and I immediately felt I'm right where I need to be. I had a specific treatment plan that was geared towards my needs. They had a team approach that was highly affective. I wish I would have tried relocation for treatment many years ago. I felt getting completely out of old territory had enabled me to focus on myself without any distractions. I followed the recommendation of Safe Harbour to continue my recovery in a Sober Living house and today I have an amazing life and I'm coming up on 5 years of sobriety. Thank you Safe Harbour for believing and loving me when I didn't believe I was lovable. Sincerely Kellie O.
Mary R.
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I entered Safe Harbor for women over 5 years ago, and restarted my life the minute I walked to the doors. The staff were kind and considerate, the chef made healthy, delicious meals and I embarked on a new, stronger path in my recovery. I relapsed after a decade of sobriety and was so ashamed, But the women I stood with, that stood with me at Safe Harbor held my hand through the worst time of my life and helped me rebuild and recover. My case manager took me to court on her days off. The support staff literally walked me up to the pharmacies and supported me as I cancelled my prescriptions for the drugs I was abusing. They let me laugh and cry and feel loved.
Monique E.
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Thank God for Safe Harbor and the women dedicating their lives to helping these young women who are struggling with lives many obstacles. Safe Harbor provides structure and guidance and love to those who want help staying sober.
Livia C.
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I went to Safe Harbor in July of 2014. Sober ever since. This place SAVED my life. So much love and solution. The professional staff was very professional. I have seen so many woman go thru safe harbor and achieve sobriety and serenity. I would recommend this place to any woman who suffers from addiction, eating disorder or trauma.
Katie M.
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Safe harbor is hands down the most effective treatment center in Southern California. It changed my view on life and saved my soul. I recommend safe harbor to anyone looking to recover.
Lucy M.
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This place saved my life. I've never received treatment so catered to my personal needs and issues. The women who work here are passionate about what they do and most of them went through safe harbor themselves. The community is so strong and supportive and loving AND connected with each other even after treatment. They live up to their motto "stay in the love"
Jennifer R.
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I went through Safe Harbor over 2 years ago and it helped transform my life for the better. It was a tough decision to go to treatment, but I'm so grateful that choice led me here. The staff was so loving and understanding, and I met some women that I am still close friends with today. This place gave me the tools to live happy and sober - which I never knew was possible.
Jordin T.
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I went through safe harbor at the Knox facility over 5 years ago, and have remained sober since and so have my two best friends and current roommates that went through with me! Safe harbor creates a special bond between women and teaches you to have close, healthy relationships with women again. I'm from Kansas and chose to stay out here for their sober living until I got my year and I swear it kept me sober through the first year. The little things that they have you do seem so silly at the time but now I realize it was to teach me the chore principles of AA. To have love patience and tolerance for your fellows to be willing to take direction and accept that sometimes you do not know best. This is what safe harbor taught me and it saved my life.
Rory m.
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i just recently went through the knox program and i absolutely loved it !! if i had not gone through safe harbor , i know i wouldnt be sober today! The support staff is nurturing and loving. i made life long friend ships. safe harbor saved my life and gave me my life back !!!
Courtney C.
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I went through Safe Harbor a few years ago and my life was changed for the better. For the first time in my life I found answers to questions I had been searching for my entire life. I went through numerous treatment programs but Safe Harbor was different. It gave me hope. It gave me a foundation. It gave me tools to deal with life. I am so grateful for Safe Harbor...especially for Danelle, Annie and Morgan.